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St. John’s….A Baptismal Community

by: Pastor Jeff Heiderscheit … November 30, 2012

Each and every day, I take the beautiful, scenic drive along highway 15 as I travel between Mound and Plymouth.  I cannot think of a more relaxing and beautiful commute each day.  Why? Because of Lake Minnetonka that Highway 15 seems to stroll hand-and-hand with. What an amazing view!   When I was boy, I grew up along the Mississippi River, in Bellevue, Iowa (Lock and Dam #12).  It is a beautiful little river town nestled into the hills and valleys of eastern Iowa, just south of Dubuque.  Bellevue is picturesque and quiet, following a slower pace to life. People would come from miles around to walk along our main street and watch the life unfold on the river. The benches on the banks would be filled will people watching the barges and boats pass through the locks. The river was also active with flat-bottom boats and fishermen jigging for catfish or northern pike. It was a town with a heartbeat that took her rhythm from the ever-changing waters of the Mississippi. To live in Bellevue meant that you lived with water…..lots of water.

As Christians, we know water!  The image of water is a powerful reminder of our baptism. Water can do many things.  Water gives life, cleanses, destroys, and even kills. In much the same way, through the waters of baptism, our old self dies, and from out of the water we emerge as a new creation. In the waters of baptism we are reborn children of God. Martin Luther would tell us that this is a daily dying and a daily renewal. As Lutherans, our baptism is a constant journey.  It is far from a one-time event. To remember our baptism becomes a day-to-day dying of our sinfulness and a daily commitment as followers of Jesus Christ.  In this process we become a new creation and an active follower of Jesus Christ.

On the wall in my office is a stunning panoramic aerial photo of Mound (taken by a local photographer from his ultra-light plane).  What is so stunning is the sheer amount of water that surrounds Mound and St. John’s Lutheran Church!  Stop by sometime and take in the photo. As I look at that photo, I keep getting this image of St. John’s being a community washed in God’s baptismal promise.  We are water people!  What would it mean for St. John’s to be a place that lives out fully our baptismal identity?  How do you live out your baptism? Do you comprehend your “Child of God” status? What does a daily “dying of your sinfulness, and rebirth in Christ” mean to you?  Those are some things to truly ponder!  And…..the next time you take that beautiful meander along Highway 15, glance over at Lake Minnetonka.  And remember……..remember your baptism.  -Pr. Jeff

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