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“Jesus Calling”

January 7, 2014

“Jesus Calling”

My family has found a wonderful new daily devotion that we are using for our family meal time each night.  The book is called “Jesus Calling” and it is written in first-person style where God is talking directly to you.  I love this format!  How often do we simply pray to God, or read a passage about God? Too many I imagine.  But, how often do we actually hear a message or read a letter FROM God?  Sure, a good sermon is meant to do that very thing……to proclaim forgive and love FROM God,  but we often do not hear God speaking directly to us or read a letter meant especially for us.  This book has been a great book for our entire family (my daughters can easily understand the message each day). 

I encourage your family to explore this book, or any of the variations of “Jesus Calling” that are available for various age groups.  Author Sarah Young has done a wonderful job capturing the imagination of God.  I know Barnes and Noble have many versions of this.  We found this version at Target.

So, what is a good devotional you and/or your family are using?  Have you shared with someone a good devotion you discovered?  When you read a great Christian book or find a wonderful, fresh translation of a Study Bible that speaks to you do you let others know so they can explore it as well?  Over the next months, when I find a good book or devotional I will post on this blog to let you all know.  Be sure to check back often.  The most important thing is that we are finding time daily to spend with God.  Books like this are great tools to help in that area.  Don’t ever stop reading and praying!

Pr. Jeff Heiderscheit

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