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A Sense Of Calling

June 30, 2014

As we are in midst of the call process for our pastor of youth and family ministry I have been blessed to talk with very fine candidates who share their deep sense of call for ministry in God’s church.  The future of God’s church is in good hands as I have been very impressed with the candidates and their passion and faith.  The church continues to train and ordain wonderful ministers!

I’m reminded that as pastors we often use this sort of language….”call”….”feeling called”….”a sense of call”.  Sometimes people might think it is only for ordained pastors to have this feeling.  But the truth is, a sense of call is for all believers.  So, what is your sense of call?  What is God calling you to do today?  It need not be something with a fancy title or an impressive job description.  A sense of call can be as simple as “blossoming where God plants you”.  A calling is what is refered to as a vocation.  The origins of the word vocation is rooted in the word “vocal” which has the imagery of  calling out, or crying out.  God is calling you out into something.  What do you sense that something is?

It might be to be the best mom or dad you can be.  Or maybe it is to be the very best worker at your job, going above and beyond with a great attitude, regardless of what the job is.  Maybe it is to be the best student you can be, working at your studies and participating in class.  Vocation is living out our faith wherever we find ourselves at the moment.

As we make the final preparations for interviews for our future pastor of youth and family ministry, please keep our call committee and the candidates in your prayers.  We believe that it is the Holy Spirit that directs this process and that the candidates directed to us would discern their sense of call to our place.  But we will also have a sense of call in the process.  How will we help this new pastor to grow to the fullness of their gifts?  How will we participate in the call that God has given us as a community of faith?  Lots to chew on but good things to consider.  Let us continue to discern God’s call in our lives.

Blessings to you!

Pr. Jeff

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