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Guatemala Trip Recap

Guatemala Update

January 2015

Well, we just returned from another mission trip to Guatemala.  Another wonderful week of surgeries with the medical team and repairs to the building with our non-medical team.  Santiago Atitlan is blessed with a hospital that has been growing these past years.  Our own members have been an instrumental part of helping this private hospital to become a premier hospital to the villages in the mountain region around Lake Atitlan.  Dan Cummings helped to build an ambulance making it possible for immediate care (rather than the 2 hour wait for an ambulance from Guatemala City as before).  Dan also has arranged the shipment of medical equipment from our local hospitals……things that are being updated here, but very great quality for them.  Jim Turner has been working to update the equipment they use for putting people out during surgeries.  In the past 2 years others from St. John’s have gone to provide nursing care in post-op during the week as well.  All in all, the hospital is able to now meet better care for the nearly 100,000 people in the surrounding lake Atitlan communities.

One of the big surprises this year for our non-medical team was the elderly care that we provided in town.  Surprisingly, in Guatemala, the elderly often have to fend for themselves.  They may live in a household with family but often are not given adequate food to live.  Many don’t have family to care for them due to a tragic mudslide that hit the town in 2006, as well as the decades long civil war that ravaged the country.

Our team spent 2 days feeding a group of 54 elders as well as providing foot care and leg massages.  It was a profound experience of serving others, and I could not get the image of Christ out of my mind, as he washed the disciples’ feet following the last supper.  What a blessing!  Watch for more information coming soon about this year’s trip.  The team will present a slide show and talk sometime in February.  And then, in April we will start talking about Guatemala 2016 January trip.  We will be taking more non-medical this next year.  If interested talk to me, or anyone on the team about going.



Pr. Jeff Heiderscheit


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