Confirmation 2023 – 2024

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Overview of St. John’s Confirmation Program

Purpose: Guiding students to be disciples of Jesus Christ.

What is Confirmation?

When a child is baptized, the parents and sponsors take responsibility for the child’s faith by making promises to faithfully …

  • Bring them to the services of God’s house
  • Teach them the Lord’s Prayer, the Creed, and the Ten Commandments
  • Place in their hands the Holy Scriptures
  • Provide for their Christian Faith, that, living in the covenant of their Baptism and in communion with the Church, they may lead godly lives until the day of Jesus Christ.

Confirmation is an exciting student ministry program where the church works to continue this journey of faith started at Baptism. At the end of the Confirmation ministry experience, students have a celebration service called the “Affirmation of Baptism.” At this service, students make a public profession of their faith and declare their intentions to live this faith out. In Baptism, God said, “Yes” to us. During confirmation, we are preparing our students to say, “Yes” in return.

St. John’s Confirmation program is a “2 plus” year program that encompasses the 7th and 8th grade school years, with the Affirmation of Baptism celebrated in the fall of the 9th grade year.

Our Confirmation program uses a curriculum built on scripture, Old and New Testament Stories, Luther’s Small Catechism, and small group discussion. Focus is placed on students connecting to the promises made at their Baptism, living and serving as part of a community of faith, and how their faith connects to real life. Classes alternate between large group instruction and small group discussion, with the small group materials encouraging sharing and hearing of different viewpoints, and the building of relationships among students and with small group leaders.

7th and 8th graders will meet in the Harbor on most Wednesday evenings throughout the school year to study scripture, catechism topics (10 Commandments, Apostle’s Creed, Lord’s Prayer & the sacraments) and faith-in-life topics. Teaching will be done by the pastors, youth director or trained lay leaders, with the students divided up into small groups for discussion.

The 9th graders will meet weekly in the Fall, to prepare to affirm their Baptism and plug in to congregational life. There is an offsite weekend sleepover retreat held in the fall, and their “Service for Affirmation of Baptism” (Confirmation Day) will be held on Reformation Sunday at the end of October.

St. John’s Lutheran Confirmation year at a glance 2023-2024
Dates                          Subject                                           Lesson

1/10                      Faith and Science                  Ep. 1 A Tale of Two Books             6pm Fellowship Hall
1/17                      Faith and Science                  Ep. 2 Hurtling Through Space       6pm Fellowship Hall
1/24                     Faith and Science                   Ep. 3 Lobsters and Poetry             6pm Fellowship Hall
1/31                      Faith and Science                  Ep. 4 Atoms, Arranged to Love     6pm Fellowship Hall
2/7                          Apostle’s Creed                         God Makes Things

2/14-3/27 Lent Mentoring Lent Mentoring

4/3                         Apostle’s Creed                The Jesus Who Teaches and Forgives
4/10                       Apostle’s Creed                            Not Just a Ghost!
4/17                         Lord’s Prayer                       Hey, God, Are You There?
4/24                        Lord’s Prayer                             What God Wants…
5/1                           Lord’s Prayer                                 Off the Hook..


Week 1, January 10, 2024 
A Tale of Two Books
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Faith and Science Guide 1
A Tale of Two Books Video Below:

Faith and Science Guide 2
Hurtling Through Space Video Below:

Faith and Science Guide 3

Lobsters and Poetry

Faith and Science Guide 4

Episode 4: Atoms, Arranged to Love

Faith Mentoring Program 2024

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